Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Obsession

Opening night for the new Twilight movie - what a blessing! All three girls attended the opening with somebody else this time - no midnight theater runs for us! What did we do with our evening alone?

Off we went on the motorcycle!

After stopping at the Fireworks stand and purchasing saddlebags full of "celebration" we ventured into downtown Poulsbo to find some culinary delights. We were extremely successful!

We landed at Sogno Di Vino - a delightful little eatery that boasted wood fired pizza as it's mainstay. We had eaten there before, sitting next to the fireplace, enjoying a panini and some pasta. This time it was the pizza that attracted both of us. When we saw the open table on the patio that has a fire pit in the middle of it we knew it was where we wanted to eat.

Now, here comes the obsession part...

My new comfort food that will heal any emotional or physical ailment... I will not rest until I have mastered it!

Lemon Rosemary Aioli

We ordered a couple appetizers to tide us over until the pizza arrived... the Antipasto Platter and the Roasted Fingerling Potatoes with that glorious wonderful Lemon Rosemary Aioli! Both appetizers were wonderful... the olives on the Antipasto Platter had such a great flavor I wanted a whole platter of those to myself. But that Aioli... that will be served at my 4th of July spread! That gives me 4 days to master it!

I can't close out without at least mentioning the pizza! I had the Caramelized Onion, Chicken, Mozzarella & Gruyere Cheese pizza - the flavors were wonderful. The crust is tender and soft yet has a nice crisp to it as well. Definitely worth returning for and maybe trying some of the other choices. I won't change my appetizer of choice though - that's a permanent selection!

Off to the kitchen I go - some aioli is waiting to be whipped!

Stay tuned for my recipe!

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